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Hello and welcome! 

My Little Teepee & Co was founded by Laura and Rachel - two childhood friends with a lot of memories! 

Our friendship began at the age of 4 at the start of primary school. Our friendship blossomed into countless sleepovers, den making and home performances! We both shared a love for singing and dancing and continued on our journey through the Performing Arts together as children and young adults. Having attended primary & secondary school together we parted ways through college and further studies but always remained friends and managed to stay in touch! 

Rachel's working experience began in retail, where she worked for 8 years in customer service as a sales associate and later a lead associate. She then progressed on to front of house for an independent event planning company working at various events. Rachel has worked in FMCG field sales working with independent retailers and auditing supermarkets and most recently worked as a Regional Sales Manager supplying linen and bespoke soft furnishings to the hospitality and healthcare industry. Rachel has a 7 year old daughter who now attends the same Performing Arts School that both her mum & Laura attended! 

Laura went to study at university and graduated with a degree in Music alongside working part-time in retail and the Performing Arts. She worked in retail for 10 years alongside her studies in addition to teaching and assisting children in a local Performing Arts School. Laura embarked on career in teaching gaining a PCGE in Primary Education and practicing as a class teacher. Most recently Laura now owns two Performing Arts franchises which specialises in teaching singing, dancing & drama to children and young adults.  

We both share a passion for providing children with fun experiences and opportunities which we were lucky to have as children, and so My Little Teepee has evolved. Now we hope to bring children a magical sleepover experience they won't forget and we hope you enjoy My Little Teepee as much as we've loved creating it! 

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